Coach C.

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Christina Rozier, lovingly known as “Coach C,” is a true champion and overcomer. She was born and raised in Dade County’s Liberty City, into a challenging situation where both of her parents struggled with drug addiction so her grandparents had to take her in and raise her. Growing up, she played various sports such as volleyball, cross country, tennis, and track & field, but basketball was her favorite sport. Coach C spent the rest of her free time with family in church and at times attended 7 days a week. Coach C credits her faith in God as the primary source of her strength and success.


Growing up in Liberty City, she had to adapt quickly to the unfortunate experiences that were common around her, such as the use and sale of drugs, robberies, school dropouts, and teen pregnancies. Sadly, she grew up hearing people say, “you not gone be nothin,” and saw many of her family members addicted to drugs and in the streets. Fortunately, her seeing and hearing those negative things made Coach C promise herself as a child that those behaviors would not be a part of her lifestyle.  So, she focused on her education and sports.


Coach C attended Miami Park Elementary, Madison Middle, Hialeah High School and graduated from Southeastern Illinois College and the University of Washington. In high school, she was the 1st player to receive “Best in Dade” title in basketball. She was Dade County player of the year in 2006, 3rd team all Dade 2005, 1st team all Dade in 2006, led Dade County in scoring both boys and girls in 2006, made the team’s MVP twice in 4 years of playing, and made all conference team in all tournaments she attended in high school.


Coach C received a full basketball scholarship to college, which paid for her schooling, room & board and meals. Her degrees are in Physical education and American Ethnic Studies. She graduated college in 2010 and returned back to Miami in 2011 where she accepted a position as an Assistance Coach at Hialeah Senior High School with the girls’ basketball team.  The following year Coach C began her career as a Physical Education teacher. She has been teaching for the past 6 years at Somerset Central Academy Miramar Charter School. Coach C received rookie teacher of the year in 2015 and started S.W.A.G. club, which started with 25 members and today has 105 members. 


She currently coaches volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Coach C has been praised at Somerset by her colleagues and administration for her joyful spirit and always putting smiles on people faces.  She was also recognized and awarded a plaque by 103.5 The Beat and Stichiz and Freeman injury and law firm for her great work in the community in 2017.  


Coach C has 3 brothers and 4 sisters, as well as, 4 nieces and 7 nephews whom she loves dearly.  Coach C loves coaching, making a difference in the lives of students and families in her community. She’s passionate about working out, enjoys going to church and spending time with family.  Coach C believes in loving what you do and doing what you love!  Christina “Coach C” Rozier still happily resides in Miami, FL.

From athletic events to her duties to her own self-built organization, S.W.A.G, she has put in countless hours serving others, giving herself to the success of children. As a coach of multiple sports, Christina has used her expertise as an athlete, and instills the same hard work in her teams. There are so many great things in store and the sky is the limit for Coach “C”. I have had the pleasure of knowing Christine Rozier for over 15 years and she demonstrates a kind-hearted, work-oriented and professional spirit that is contagious around others. Professionally, she continues to influence and impact the lives of so many children and myself as a friend and educator, is grateful for her contribution to the world of education.
— Asiah Brackett, M.Ed Pines Middle Reading Department