October 2017

While being in S.W.A.G. the past two years, I learned how to give, I learned what it is to be a family and it helped me maintain my grades and drive for my goals.

Quote Source / Y. Jerome



Septemer 2017

Being in S.W.A.G. helped me build character, learn responsibility and let me see how the world really is. Coach C has been hard on us but I know she only wants the best for us and preparing us for the future.

Quote Source / L. Rodriguez



August 2017

S.W.A.G. has been fun to me and helps me keep my grades up. I like the fact that we come together and are one big family with the same mindset. Personally, I think if I was not in S.W.A.G. my grades and attitude would be different.  Your standards and what you stand for has helped me do everything to the best of my ability. Thank you Coach C for everything.

Quote Source / C. Baptiste



July 2017

S.W.A.G. motivates me in so many different ways, all the donating, cleaning and showing care to people who are less fortunate made me have a more open mind and be grateful for what I have and not complain when things do not go the way       I want it to.

Quote Source / R. Jackson



June 2017

The things I love about S.W.A.G. is this club is progressing and getting bigger. A lot of clubs at Somerset tend to do the same thing every year, without a set goal to do bigger and better things than last year. S.W.A.G. has grown each year all around and I love it.

Quote Source / S. Acher



May 2017

S.W.A.G. has taught me to be grateful, become a better person and look at life different. By feeding the homeless I’ve learned that not everyone is fortunate to have things that you may have. I love that in S.W.A.G. you have responsibility as far as keeping your grades up, duties, being a leader around campus and all the fun things Coach C has set up for us.

Quote Source / S.Thetais

Joining S.W.A.G. made me think about my future, my purpose, my goals and what I am doing to full fill them. S.W.A.G. made me a student with determination a student with passion for hard work and knowledge. Joining S.W.A.G. made me feel at home at peace seeing so many students involved and engaged into what S.W.A.G. has going on.
— Brad Balde

Ever since joining S.W.A.G. I have seen growth in me and I can say S.W.A.G. has played a big part in that. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Coach C and all the leaders. You are guys are all role models to me and I am greatly appreciated of you guys. S.W.A.G. also made me want to volunteer more since joining the club and putting smiles on people faces.
— Nataliah Belmont

S.W.A.G has shown me a lot more than I could ever expect. Getting the opportunity help the community and give back really did a lot for me. S.W.A.G. gave me a push to make sure my grades are on point.
— Jaylon Smalls

S.W.A.G. taught me I can do anything in life, I just got to work for it. The motivational pictures and quotes that is posted in the chat every morning always has a meaning to it, and it’s a good one. I enjoy when we have special guest speakers come talk to us and tell their story. S.W.A.G. has taught me so many things, life lessons and a family for me. It helps me be reminded of why it is important to do well in school, give back to the community and do well by other.
— Tyson Alberdi

Before signing up I thought S.W.A.G. was just another random club. Once I got into it I seen the impact it has had on me it teaches me valuable life lessons such as to always be grateful for what I have. Not only has S.W.A.G. taught me valuable lessons it made me closer to some peers that I never thought I would have been associated with. I love how all the S.W.A.G. leaders put in work for us to be better investing time, money and giving us knowledge to a have a successful life. I Know S.W.A.G. will grow over the years and I hope to invest back to when I get older.
— Christian Sinche

S.W.A.G. is one of the clubs that has changed me mentally. It opens my yes to different lifestyles. During my time in S.W.A.G. I realize how blessed I am and I’ve learned to appreciate the things I have learned. S.W.A.G. is not a club it is a family and a way of life. The brunch sessions are my favorite part of S.W.A.G., they give me a lot of insight about behavior and how to maneuver in certain situations with people. As a member of S.W.A.G., I feel like I am genuinely cared for and loved. I hope to continue to grow within myself and the club.
— Angel Teate

S.W.A.G. has had a huge impact on my life at school and at home. It is my first year in S.W.A.G. And I have learned a lot. It made me realize how to appreciate the things I have now. It has motivated me to stay focus and stay on track. This club is very special to me because I feel greatly loved and cared for by coach C and mentoring staff. I look forward for the upcoming year and growing with my peers.
— Aleandro Burricks

S.W.A.G.’s biggest impact on me is the family part everyone in here truly loves and cares for each other. I learned things in this club like better work ethic and responsibilities and how to execute better in life. With the S.W.A.G. male brunch that we have its lot of fun and smiles with the male leaders Mr.Mann, Mr.Cass, Mr.Detrio and Mr.Woodley. From feeding the homeless, to going to brunches, doing different event and the love that is shown is remarkable. The motivational speeches has taught me a lot as well.
— Dominque Bacon

S.W.A.G. has a huge impact on me I am doing so much better for myself and learned more of myself. I’ve learned to maintain a good balance between life, school and activities. I remain to humble myself and be ambitious towards everything I am in. Coach C shows me if I want it bad enough then work for it, anything you’re heart desires in life and you love fight for it.
— Sean Mais